Candidate on social media edge (con't)

That indicates to passersby they can contact the candidate by checking out his Facebook page or getting updated announcements from his Twitter account.

But also on the sign is something known as the QR or Quick Response dot matrix code, originally developed in the Japanese auto industry for quality control.

Natyshak says that expands social media reach through the use of cell phones.

“Simply what you’ll do is you’ll scan that code with your smart phone - either your Blackberry or your iPhone – as you walk by my lawn sign or look at my literature – and it will direct you to my website where you can learn about our platform, my ideas, who I am as a candidate, who I am as a person on the community.”

Natyshak says this three-prong approach - especially the phone code - has been “really remarkable in terms of the use of social media.”

This is the candidate’s third campaign.

His first was in 2006, followed in rapid-succession by the 2008 election and now this May’s vote.

Natyshak, an apprenticeship trainer with the Windsor labourer’s union, also is using signs from those older election campaigns.

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