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New Ontario Ford government drops "climate change" from ministry name

WindsorOntarioNews.com Sept. 20 2018

The Ontario government has dropped “climate change” from the name of its environment ministry and put in its place “conservation and parks.”

The new ministry name is the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks.

The name change came shortly after the election of the Progressive Conservative government of Doug Ford in June.

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Gordie Howe International Bridge to connect to Historic Fort Wayne

WindsorOntarioNews.com August 3 2018

Besides being a more people-friendly crossing with pathways for both pedestrians and cyclists along with motorists, the new Gordie Howe International Bridge will also take notice of its historic surroundings and provide a direct link to Detroit’s Historic Fort Wayne.

The somewhat sprawling fort – 96 acres – dates from 1845 with its original limestone barracks.

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For $750 your group can rent a beautiful five-acre camp

WindsorOntarioNews.com June 14 2018

Want a five-acre site, Lake Erie frontage, swimming pool, big kitchen, playground, cabins?

And did we mention an idyllic natural setting?

The Kiwanis Sunshine Point Camp is offering its newly renovated facility to the public for weekend rentals.

For $750 a club, organization, family reunion, wedding party or stag and doe can rent the site, located between Colchester and Kingsville, for a big get together or party.

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CAA urges motorists to practice the "Dutch Reach"

WindsorOntarioNews.com May 8 2018

It’s not a Dutch Treat but cyclists will thank motorists if they practice it.

It’s called the Dutch Reach and the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) wants to encourage motorists to practice it here just as the Dutch have long practiced it in their country.

It’s a way to prevent a common type of bike collision – “dooring” where a cyclist runs into a door inadvertently opened only a few seconds ahead of them by an errant stopped motorist.

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Group shows that 'Phrag' can be beat

WindsorOntarioNews.com November 10 2017

Phragmites is the kind of invasive species that might make property owners as well as municipal governments throw up their hands in immediate defeat.

Why attack such a seemingly indestructible foe?

The reed, which was exported to Canada from Eurasia and first appeared in the 1990's along the St. Lawrence River, is now a hugely pervasive species, often dominating shorelines and roadways in Essex County.

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Why is there only one Open Streets Windsor recreational event this year?

WindsorOntarioNews.com August 11 2017

The popular first ever Open Streets event had two such dates last year.

But this year there is only one, on Sunday Sept. 17 – why is that?

It’s because last year’s events – held on July 17 and September 18 - were pilot projects.

“As a pilot project we didn't have any expectations on whether there would be any future events,” City of Windsor spokeswoman Mary Rodgers said.

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Latest in accommodation coming this October to Point Pelee National Park

WindsorOntarioNews.com July 7 2017

The newest thing in camping accommodation will be available for use this October – and year round – at Pt. Pelee National Park.

Some 24 so-called oTENTiks – a combination rustic cabin and tent – are still under construction and will be available for rent Oct. 5th.

The oTENTik is proving highly popular at numerous other national parks, according to the man who came up with the unique outdoor residence, Ghislain Rousseau.

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Michigan has the longest state - designated trail in the United States

WindsorOntarioNews.com April 21 2017

It’s the longest state-designated cycling and hiking trail in the United States.

And it’s across the river from us in Michigan.

It’s called the Iron Belle Trail, named for its terminuses – Ironwood in the far western part of the Upper Peninsular, and Belle, for Belle Isle in Detroit.

It’s more than 2000 miles long and is still a work in progress, though two-thirds of it has been completed.

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A Spring opening is set for Essex County's second longest activity trail

WindsorOntarioNews.com February 23 2017

The county’s latest rails-to-trails cycling and hiking trail will be open this spring, linking the town of Amherstburg and Essex and intersecting with the Chrysler Canada Greenway.

It’s named after Cypher Systems, a local community-minded, decades-old insurance company and major donor - $250,000 - to the trail, also giving it exclusive naming rights.

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Windsor's cricket clubs: vigorous but they could use a little more support

WindsorOntarioNews.com February 3 2017

Cricket as a sport may float under the surface for many Windsor residents but for the city’s South Asian community the sport is as popular as hockey is for other Canadians.

“Cricket is a really popular sport in India, it’s just like ice hockey here,” Bhagwant Singh, who has sponsored one of the city’s several cricket clubs, says.

“Like, every kid in the family, they play cricket,” Singh, a realtor who has backed the Windsor Dominion Cricket Club.

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With cottage, ERCA is getting into the accommodation business

WindsorOntarioNews.com Dec 7 2016

The next time you book your summer cottage it could be through the Essex Region Conservation Authority.

The authority is building its first cottage rental at Holiday Beach on Lake Erie and if it proves a hit, more cottages could follow at the recreation area in Amherstburg.

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Volunteer rescuers of the waves

WindsorOntarioNews.com October 4 2016

They’re the water equivalent of the volunteer fire department.

For the past four years the Colchester Guardian Rescue has been assisting the Canadian Coast Guard on a great many emergency missions mainly in Lake Erie between Harrow and Pelee Island.

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High river levels? It's because Detroit River isn't a real river

WindsorOntarioNews.com August 19 2016

Drivers or walkers along the Detroit River this summer might be seeing something that doesn’t jibe with our weather conditions – unusually high river levels.

The reason is that the Detroit River in many ways is not a real river.

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Devonshire Mall's native gardens a first for Canadian shopping malls

WindsorOntarioNews.com July 14 2016

It’s considered the first such green garden at a Canadian shopping mall.

And it keeps growing and growing.

Devonshire Mall embarked on its native plants gardens program four years ago, replacing bland boring grass with native Carolinian plants in three sections – the latest being in front of Chapters – all facing Howard Ave., at the mall.

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Parkway project shows that concrete and endangered species can co-exist

WindsorOntarioNews.com May 31 2016

The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway, which has been open a year, is precedent-setting in a number of ways, not least of which is how a $1.4 billion construction project has been able to coexist with some of the rarest plant and animal species in Canada.

Most people know about the black snake fencing that was installed before construction actually began.

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Hard to destroy mighty Phragmite

WindsorOntarioNews.com April 27 2016

There’s really nothing to like about Invasive Phragmites, those tall brown often dried out reeds that are an all too common sight along roadsides and riverbanks.

They outcompete native species, provide poor wildlife habitat, are prone to fire because of their dry stalks, and grow to such a height they can obstruct views from motorists.

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