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Tim's stops serving fake meat Jan 29 2020

So much for fake meat. Tim Hortons has killed off the product after a nine month experiment. A visitor to an east side Tim Hortons this week, seeking a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich, was told the chain is no longer selling the product. The product, along with other meatless meat versions at different fast food chains, was hailed with much fanfare when announced last June. “Canadians are hungry to try our breakfast sandwiches made with Beyond Meat’s 100% plant based sausage patty,” Mike Hancock, Chief Operations Officer, said. “We’ve listened to our guests and are excited to be able to offer three delicious breakfast sandwiches that vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and meat lovers can feel good about.” The meatless concept has been praised by groups outside the restaurant industry, including vegetarians and environmentalists, for using plant-based sources instead of animals and putting less stress on the environment. Animal rights activists had named Beyond Meat company of the year. But Tim Hortons this week said the sandwiches had been introduced as a limited time offer. “We may offer Beyond Meat again in the future,” the chain said. The Washington Examiner said this is the latest blow to the much touted Beyond Meat enterprise. The Los Angeles company, whose slogan is “The Future of Protein”, has seen its stocks plunge 50 per cent since its peak last summer when the product was widely praised as the future of meat. It lost another four per cent Tuesday. According to the Examiner, Burger King has also had trouble selling its substitue meat burger, made by Impossible Foods, a Beyond Meat competitor. Only 20 such burgers were sold in a day, one franchise owner bemoaned.

No bricks and mortar pot stores, no worry, OCS says August 21 2018

When marijuana is legalized for recreational use Oct. 17 many marijuana consumers may be disappointed to find that the one bricks and mortar store once slated for Windsor won’t exist.

That’s because the new Progressive Conservative Government of Rob Ford has changed the business model for cannabis sales.

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New Cascades casino will focus on gambling - and families July 13 2018

The owners of the new Cascades casino going into Chatham are defining themselves different from traditional casino operators, and that means putting as much emphasis on family entertainment as on gambling.

British-Columbia based Gateway Casinos & Entertainment aims to create a “fulsome” entertainment experience, Gateway spokesman Rob Mitchell says.

“Gaming is vital to our business but not exclusive to it.”

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After six year absence Columbia Sportswear is back in town May 7 2018

After a several year absence Columbia Sportswear Company has returned to the Windsor market, and in a bigger way.

The outdoors sportwear firm that had long occupied premises next to the Ambassador Plaza on Windsor’s Huron Church Road has re-opened in LaSalle.

The outlet closed six years ago but has now moved into the Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets mall off Hwy. 3.

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Art Van to honor deliveries to Canada

Art Van Furniture, the once very successful Detroit-based furniture chain, will complete deliveries to its Canadian customers. A spokeswoman said the chain, which is to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is “completing deliveries to our Canadian customers. We are not taking any more orders. There is a bunch going out this week and then a final truck going out toward end of March. So we will fulfill all current Canadian orders.” The once vaunted family owned chain, chief sponsor of Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day parade, with 190 stores in several midwestern states, was sold to Boston-based private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners in 2017 after founder Art Van Elslander died. All Art Van stores are to close in 60 days. The familiar brown Art Van trucks had been seen on local streets in recent years after the company expanded delivery service to Canada. – 3/9/20

"Uptown" name finally is starting to sink in

It’s taken three years to sink in but people are finally starting to refer to Ottawa Street as “Uptown.” The commercial street’s BIA director Ettore Bonato, owner of Ettore Salon and Aesthetics, said the BIA decided to change the name to “Uptown Ottawa Street” to differentiate from downtown and other BIAs. The name is also a throwback to the way people used to refer to the street. “A long time ago, people went downtown or uptown and Ottawa Street was known as Uptown,” he said. There were department and clothing stores among many well-known retailers of the era. “This was a place where people went shopping before the mall,” which opened in 1970, he said. An updated sign was installed three years ago. But the new designation “is just getting out (to people) now.” – 2/24/20

Image: BIA facebook page