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Complex would have lake, ski hills (con't)

But now he’s pushing the idea again.

“I’m 44 years old now,” he said.

“Now is the time to do it while I’m still young.”

Sinasac says he would assemble as many as 300 acres of land in the Malden and Anderdon areas, much of it held by family members.

He would also like to reach a deal with a local quarry operator to convert the quarry into a man-made lake (as per artist rendering above).

The overall complex would be known as the SRS Retreat and Kids Camp.

SRS stands for his initials – Scott Richard Sinasac.

Sinasac says his idea was triggered by his desire to help kids.

“I want to help out kids. I love kids. I’ve got more patience for kids,” he said, noting he has two children of his own.

These could range from children who are disabled to elementary and high school students.

“I want to show people that you can have fun without spending a lot of money.”

Sinasac said the retreat would get kids into the open air and away from “video games.”

Pointing to high rates of child obesity he said it would provide exercise like hiking or rock climbing.

He said it would even teach “the basics” like working on a farm.

“I wish kids had the opportunity to farm,” he said, pointing to his own rural upbringing where he did all manner of farm chores.

The lake would encompass 60 acres and be 200 feet deep.

It could be used for a variety of recreation purposes from fishing to boating to scuba diving.

Sinasac also envisions a series of ski hills in a county where there are none and the closest are hours away.

He said these could be of varying heights and adults as well as kids could use them.

“We won’t have to go to the states, just do it all in Amherstburg.”

Sinasac said existing houses on the properties could be turned into halfway homes for children who might be handicapped, “troubled teens,” or even young offenders.

“If you want to be rehabilitated, if you want to learn, it’s all back to basics,” he said.

There could be motorized bike tracks like motocross and BMX and the creation of old fashioned pond hockey on lakes and marshes.

Those marshes, bogs and wetlands would also add to Essex County’s natural environment.

There could also be remote-controlled car tracks, elaborate skateboard sites, snowboarding and cross country skiing, he said.

While much of the complex would be focussed on youth Sinasac said it would be open to anyone, creating a new tourist destination.

He said the complex would be operated as a non-profit.

After operational and wage costs are paid the additional money would go to charities.

Sinasac is in the process of contacting philanthropists and companies who might donate seed money.

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