Tecumseh transit (continued)

scheduled routes to Tecumseh that there will be no transit service at all to the Municipal Property Assesssment Corporation (MPAC) office when it opens in the town in January (see Windsor Ontario News story in News). Transit Windsor chair and Windsor city councillor Caroline Postma, in response to a question from councillor Fulvio Valentinis, said there there are no plans by the transit company to extend service to Tecumseh. Valentinis replied there seems to be some "backtracking and dancing" on the issue. MPAC chair Debbie Zimmerman, in a letter, said her agency had received assurance from Tecumseh that transit would be provided. Well, in fact there will be transit service. Tecumseh is calling for proposals to run a transit route within the town. Mayor Gary McNamara says it should be up and running by the time the MPAC office opens. The service would connect to a Transit Windsor route so that city passengers could transfer to the town route and get to the MPAC office. There was great concern, to say the least, in Windsor when MPAC announced it was moving to new digs in the suburban municipality. But it appears Windsor councillors assumed that just because Transit Windsor wasn't providing service there would be no service at all. The operative word is "assumed" and we all know what that means.

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