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GHIB to connect to Fort Wayne

It’s located in Detroit’s Delray neighbouhbood, which is where the bridge’s Detroit port of entry will be located and where the bridge will connect to Interstate 75.

On a recent media tour of the Delray site, where virtually all properties have now been demolished and almost all land has been amassed for the bridge project, a spokesman for the state of Michigan indicated that the new bridge ramps would not by pass the fort.

“There will be immediate and direct access from the plaza off of Campbell Street to Fort Wayne and consistent with the memorandum of understanding the entrance to Fort Wayne is going to be relocated so it’s quite close,” Andy Doctoroff, special advisor to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on the bridge project, told

Asked if the bridge and its connecting routes would cut off the fort, Doctoroff replied, “exactly the opposite.”

The fort, owned by the City of Detroit, was originally built following the War of 1812 as an American fortification to ward off potential future attacks from “British Canada,” according to the fort’s website.

But a treaty was signed and the five-star design fortification “never saw a shot fired in anger.”

The fort instead has served as an induction centre for troops from Michigan in every conflict from the Civil War to Vietnam.

It has also served other purposes, including housing Italian prisoners of war during World War II and families burned out of their homes during the 1967 Detroit riots.

Attractions today includes the large barracks, Tuskegee Airmen Museum and Native American burial mound.

The connection between the bridge and the fort dovetails pother efforts to enhance Historic Fort Wayne’s profile.

“We have taken a really close look at Fort Wayne and how it can and should be redeveloped and talks about that subject are ongoing,” Doctoroff said.

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