Festival combines fine art, wine and food (con't)

The event runs smack dab in the middle of summer - July 16 and 17.

The show features Windsor-Essex county artists and artisans, taking place amidst the bucolic surroundings of Kingsville’s Pelee Island Winery, 455 Seacliff Dr.

“People will be able to stroll on the beautiful green lawn of the Pelee Island Winery and look at beautiful art and learn about it and make friends and maybe make this (their) annual event,” spokeswoman Sally LePla, herself an artist, said.

LePla said visitors could also make the festival part of a wider destination.

“This is the southernmost point in Canada and sometimes people don’t come all the way down here,” she said.

People who haven’t been to southern Essex County of late could overestimate the time it takes to get there. 

LePla says it’s an easy drive.

She herself sings in a church choir in Detroit and every week commutes to the Motor City “and it’s like 45 minutes, tops.”

During the show the public will be able to buy art at a wide range of prices.

“What it means is people can take their families or just go out for a fun time together and really see what people around here are doing in a creative way,” LePla said.

As for artists, there’s still time to register and they can exhibit for free if they join the Kingsville arts society for $25, an organization that meets monthly year round in a collegial atmosphere.

The fact the show is set on winery grounds offer its own ambience.

“I was fascinated in researching the winery that it’s on the same level as Rome, Italy,” LePla said. “We have the same kind of soil you find in the great wine growing regions in France here.”

Food will be provided by a local caterer, ROBS Culinary Motion.

The show runs Saturday 10 am – 6 pm and Sunday 11 am – 5 pm, rain or shine; there are tents on the property.

Besides wine, there will be other beverages available.

So, LaPla says, come for the art, wine, food, music, and more.

“You get the ambience – just think about green lawns, warm summer breezes, a glass of wine, beautiful colours.”

Or come and stay the night.

“For me it could be a whole weekend,” she says.

“People who haven’t been down this way may want to book a room because you’ve got Point Pelee here, you’ve got the Leamington beaches, you’ve got the beaches at Point Pelee, and you can take the ferry over to the island. 

“It could be a very cool destination for the weekend.”


Picture shows whimsical work by particpating artist Freda Jane's Inc. Amherstburg

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