Photographer took 60,000 photos along Route 66 (continued)

Those pictures were on display at an exhibit at Artcite Gallery (109 University Ave. W.) in a half-hour video.

Every one of the pictures was shown but they flew by at a rate of 30 frames per second, providing a fast-paced video of the entire journey from Chicago to L.A.

Meanwhile a select 30 stills from the 60,000 remain on display at the Art Gallery of Windsor until March 28.

But back to the rather nasty e-mail.

While on the road she kept a blog called

One of her contributors, in California, wrote, “You lead us to believe that you were traveling the Mother road because of your love for it when indeed it was for your personal financial gain.”

Wheaton hadn’t even posted on the man's blog. The blogger had written to her.

But once back home she sent out a mass e-mail to all contributors indicating her travel pics were for sale.

“So financial gain, ya,” she says. “Photographers, if they sell their work, they’re going to get financial gain. That’s what photographers do, you know?”

She can be contacted and her work viewed at

Unfortunately, her job loss is also forcing the Moncton, N. B. native to sell her east side house, which she bought five years ago.

“I can’t afford my house without the nice GM paycheque.”

But she has landed a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

She’s working with the Injured Workers Coalition to document by camera those who have been injured or become ill on the job, as well as their families, by companies in southwestern Ontario communities leaving behind pollution or brownfield sites.

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