A accommodates Verizon (con't)

“It’s not that they have a tower that’s interfering,” she added.

“They’re using the spectrum as they should be because they’re on it. We bought out the 700 megahertz spectrum.”

Gilbert said the fact the Windsor and Detroit are “next to each other and we can interfere with each other that (the) TV station has to move off the spectrum.”

She said the matter is in the hands of international telecommunication and broadcast regulators so “it takes a little bit more time.”

Gilbert did not know which Windsor station was on the bandwidth.

But Patricia Valladao, spokeswoman for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), confirmed it was A Windsor.

“The station is CHWI-TV 60 (CTV) which operated at channel 60,” she said.

Valladao said the station has “indeed voluntarily made an application to change to channel 26, which will not interfere with the frequency in Detroit.”

She added the matter should be a “straight forward process.”

“After the application there will be some consultation and we will publish a decision. It will be up to CTV to make the change and seek approval from Industry Canada. There should be no problem with it.”

Don Mumford, general manager for A Windsor, said he wasn’t “in a position” to comment but hopes to in the near future.

Meanwhile, as for the long term future of the station, Mumford said parent CTV is still awaiting a federal court appeal of the “value for signal” proposal, which would make the station and others like it more economically viable.

Beyond that, he said, the company plans to submit a license renewal application in the Spring.

“Those uncertainties make it impossible to comment on our future beyond our current license which expires August 31, 2011,” he said.

Mumford added company officials "remain optimistic and hopeful that solutions to the pressures being experienced by the TV industry across the country, including A Windsor will be found through this process.”

Mumford said advertising revenue for A Windsor has increased of late and “we performed better than expected during our last fiscal which ended August 31st.”


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