Home heating prices taking plunge (con't)

are firing off letters to the editor and phoning talk shows. They’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore – do you understand? But what about when the news is good? Such as when prices actually go down. Come on, that just doesn’t happen! But it does - occasionally. Over the last several months one of homeowners’ chief operating costs – natural gas for heating – has been dropping dramatically. WindsorOntarioNews.com reported this month (see Feb 1) that prices are declining as much as two-thirds. The reason? It's mainly because of a substantial increase in deposits of natural gas found in western North America. Some analysts say new discoveries have added another 100 years to the gas supply. As a result an average home should see a drop in the price of heating by $500 this year. That’s anything but small change. So, for all the griping about incremental cost increases consumers shouldn’t neglect the forest for the trees. With natural gas prices dropping significantly maybe it’s time to stop the groaning and start to party.

WindsorOntarioNews.com Feb 16 2010

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