Sam Sinjari wants to shake up Windsor (continued)

“There’s a lot of potential in this city and there‘s a lot of things that we can do to wake this town up.”

Sinjari is a third year political science student at the University of Windsor. He also sells used cars and has his own car sales web site.

Sinjari believes the current leadership of the city is moving too slowly to bring new investment to Windsor.

“A lot of things are taking too long” he says.

He says a prime example of this was the CUPE strike of last spring and summer which took “way too long” to settle.

He says while Windsor’s leadership drags its feet in bringing new jobs the unemployed are having a terrible time.

As a car salesman he sees some of the desperate financial situations people are in every day.

“I see people, they walk in here and how much they’re making, and lacking jobs, he says. “They can’t even finance anything or get into a vehicle because of that. There’s a lot of unemployment going on. And I want to change all that.”

He says the city’s priorities have been wrong, like focussing too much on the casino as an employment generator.

“That’s great,” he says. “But casinos also hurt a lot of people too, you know what I mean?”

He thinks more emphasis should be placed on tourism.

“Windsor’s a beautiful town. I don’t know why it’s being seen as such a lower end town.”

Sinjari was speaking generally and says he will release a detailed platform in the “near future.”

“I want to produce effective action there’s no misunderstanding, so everybody knows basically where I stand and everything else.”

He said he will base his platform on solid research.

“I want to make sure that what I do is educational and rational because talk is cheap. It’s got to be grounded.”

Sinjari says that, growing up, he “took a different route” from many of his friends.

He got a licence to sell cars at age 18.

“The first day I walked in (to the dealership) I sold a car.” Sinjari says he also paid cash to finance his education.

As a student he has served on school councils but is not doing so at the university. He attended David Maxwell elementary school and Kennedy Collegiate.

As for his platform he has this to say.

“It’s going to inspire a lot of people and it’s also going to shock a lot of people.”

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