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Onle one 519-area code resto makes Canada's "top" list

“As voted on by food critics, leading chefs, legendary restaurateurs, elite diners and food fanatics from across the country,” the site says about how the list was compiled.

To get to the that 519 restaurant, Langdon Hall, you’d have to drive 271 km up Hwy 401 – 3 hr. & 22 min. in light traffic – to feast at the august dining room.

It’s located in Cambridge.

In fact, Langdon Hall did so well it came in at No. 5 on the entire foodie list.

“Despite a recent expansion,” the website says, Langdon Hall “remains as exclusive as ever – and maybe more so.”

The website calls service there “old world” in attention to detail “but never strays to pretention.”

The menu features “classical influences with very modern execution” with food served on dishes made by local artisans.

It goes on:

“Summer menus are complemented by fine produce from the hotel garden. Come fall, the truffle menu is legendary. If you do not sample the whole tasting, at least try the truffle soup — a sensationally rich mushroom purée emulsified with truffle oil and topped with truffle foam. If not that, request the white truffle pasta, which is rolled so thin as to become translucent, then cooked swiftly in emulsified butter instead of water (really!).”

Langdon Hall aside, the number one restaurant in the fair Dominion?

Toronto’s Alo, located in the city’s Entertainment District.

A sampling from Alo’s cuisine?

“The single, marble-sized pomme soufflé has crisp walls as thin as paper, and is held in place on the plate with a dab of lemon gel so that it will not roll and topple and spill its precious topping of glistening, black Venetian caviar.

“Beside it, there’s a cube of cured foie gras rolled in crunchy rice pearls, as well as a bite-sized sandwich of foie gras terrine spiked with smoky bourbon.”

Altogether, the Big Smoke garnered 18 eateries on the list and the province’s next biggest city, Ottawa, landed five.

In terms of provinces, it might be no surprise that Quebec has the most restaurants listed – 27 – followed by British Columbia with 22.
Alberta came next with 16, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland-Labrador tied for 3, Manitoba had 2, Nova Scotia 2 and PEI 1.

Lowly New Brunswick, obviously a classy food desert, had none whatsoever.


Photo: Restaurants Canada

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