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City complies with ministry following worker's illness

These were the park and recreation main office on McDougall, the parks main yard next door, Windsor Water World downtown, and the former Angileri Lumber site on Howard, which the city purchased four years ago.

It’s city policy, as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act, to provide yearly asbestos updates for its buildings for asbestos as well as undertake full surveys for newly acquired buildings.

The former Anglieri site was the focus of attention.

A report to city council said that staff were not scheduled to work at the site “initially.”

As well, the asbestos survey for the site “had begun” earlier this year and to be completed during the first half of the year.

But since the time of purchase the city has used the warehouse part of the building, constructed of concrete and steel and therefore of no concern for asbestos, for storage purposes.

However, the office area wasn’t to be used until the survey was complete.

(The other city sites – the parks building and yard, had completed surveys and Windsor Water World was not required to be surveyed because the building was constructed after 1985.)

“Unfortunately, the above-noted understanding was not communicated to the new Facilities supervisor following a recent retirement,” the report says.

On May 1 the injured worker had been assigned to remove existing tiles and install new ones at the former lumber site, as well as at other city-owned buildings.

“The worker reported to her supervisor of having developed a rash on their neck and arms which she attributed to the ceiling work and sought medical attention.”

On May 10 the ministry conducted an investigation into the city’s claim of an occupational illness.

The orders have now been posted on the health and safety board at the former Angileri site, “where the affected worker regularly works,” the report says, as well as to the city’s health and safety representatives and committees.

During the ministry’s investigation, it was also found the worker “was not familiar with designated substances” like asbestos.


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