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City Hall management salaries (continued)

This week they overwhelmingly voted down a city offer because it didn’t match provisions of non-management staff represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

The organization behind the drive is the Professional Employees Trade Union (PETU), and the matter will now be heard by the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB).

The union drive began in 2006. The employees have been represented by a staff association and cannot strike.

Reasons for unionization are varied but have included quality of work life and job security. Most particularly the nascent union is upset that city hall has taken away retirement benefits for future hires, the same issue at the heart of this year’s prolonged CUPE strike.

The organizing drive is led by John Miceli, the city's manager of facility operations. He is paid, according to city hall’s non-union salary schedule, between $87,422.52 and $106,262.93. The position was created April 21, 2006.

Here is a list of some of the management job classifications and pay grades. Not necessarily every position would be in the union. There is more than 400 management staff.

But among those at the top pay scales are people like the chief building officer, city planner and library CEO. They start at $110,644.12 with top salary $134,489.03.

Below them are officials such as the executive director hospitality and facility management, ranging from $98,350.33 to $119,545.80. The category includes the licensing commissioner, city clerk and executive director of information technology.

Next comes a category paying from $87,422.52 to $106,262.93 and includes the manager of the arena & concessions, fleet manager, and manager of the Lou Romano pollution control plant.

Following in line are staff like the city auditor, managers of cultural affairs, horticulture and forestry, urban design & community development, the WFCU Centre and convention & visitors bureau. They make from $77,708.90 to $94,455.94.

Following them is a category paying between $69,074.58 and $83,960.84. This group includes the supervisor of tourism, planner III (site plan approval officer), district parks supervisor, coordinator of community special events, marketing and communications officer, diversity & accessibility officer and social housing analyst.

Next in line is staff such as landscape architect, catering services manager, cultural programming coordinator and pay equity officer. They’re paid between $63,081.81 and $76,676.56.

Next down the list is a classification including the 311 administrator, marina operator and call centre supervisor. Earnings are between $57,608.96 and $70,024.26.

The executive secretary to the Chief Administrative Officer makes between $52,610.92 and $63,949.10. As do the planning & development officer and the coordinator of provincial offences operations.

An executive administrative assistant can earn between $48,046.50 and $58,401.00. As can the box office coordinator, sous chef, and the provincial offences fine enforcement specialist.

Next in line are people like the disability claims coordinator, council assistant and court clerk reporter, all making between $44,282.44 and $53,825.75.

A junior administrative assistant can make between $40,813.27 and $49,608.93.

The human resources department receptionist & recruitment assistant earns between $37,615.88 and $45,722.47.

And the office assistant to the CAO, $34,668.97 to $42,140.48.

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