Olympic Torch protests (continued)

the torch a short distance over 106 days leading up to the Vancouver games in February. There must, of course, be an anti-Olympic Torch protest. Instead of jumping into the spirit of the Olympic Games – which are designed to create goodwill and build a national sense of community – we have organizations vowing protests along the torch route. This started in Victoria October 30 with the Anti-Olympic Festival. The supposed peaceful protest escalated so that authorities had to change the run’s route in B.C.’s capital. One protest button says Extinguish the Olympic Torch! The protesters are the usual suspects – environmental activists, anti-poverty crusaders, anti-globalization and anti-war protesters. One central theme is that the Olympics are being held on “stolen” native land. Yet four aboriginal tribes have officially backed the games and stand to derive substantial benefits. These include jobs, community development and a major showcase for aboriginal culture. Furthermore, if you’re going to protest, don’t be disruptive. There are 12,000 people – many of them young and idealistic – who have their hearts set on carrying the torch. Don’t ruin it for them.

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