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Campaign could be called cycling for dummies (con't)

Traffic and parking operations manager John Wolf says the idea came from the city’s cycling committee and related specifically to the fact cyclists often bike the wrong way in designated bike lanes.

“What initiated it was cyclists are driving down bike lanes in the wrong direction,” he said.

The lanes are distinctive enough, and carry symbols such as a diamond and bike logo (left).

But some people.

“So if you see that as the diamond and the bike and everything is right side up you’re travelling in the right direction,” Wolf said.

“If you see it the opposite way – the bike first and then the diamond – you’re driving the (wrong)way.”

Wolf agreed proper bike lane usage should be obvious.

But it isn’t or it’s causally and flagrantly ignored.

“It should be pretty obvious that you drive in the same direction as traffic,” he said.

But an education campaign is needed nonetheless “to educate people on how to use it properly.

Unlike adults, kids are already allowed to ride on sidewalks, based their bikes’ smaller wheel size.

Other typical cycling violations may also be included in the campaign, such as not using side walks.

“There’s a lot of different things that could be included in the education program, certainly the sidewalk is an issue,” Wolf said.

The campaign usually runs between May and September but could be ramped up to coincide with Earth Day April 22.


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