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Malden Landfill gas barrier (con't)

In recent decades the closed landfill has been used for a variety of recreational purposes including hiking and tobogganing.

The landfill closed in 1992 and was converted to a popular recreation area.

Its last use was as an inert fill landfill but prior to that it was a sanitary landfill and accepted a variety of garbage, similar to the current Regional Landfill in the former Colchester North township.

Provincial environment ministry regulations call for the prevention of migrating gas to adjacent properties.

“Methane’s an explosive gas and of course that’s obviously why there’s regulations to keep the gas from migrating offsite,” Drca says.

“There is a potential hazard and that’s why we’re putting in this barrier to mitigate that potential.”

As garbage degrades, the organic materials produce methane.

Small amounts of gas vents upwards and causes no problem for people using what has often humourously been described as Windsor’s only hill.

This barrier will prevent subsurface migration.

The type of barrier plastic is rudimentary - 15 millimetres - which can be found at a local hardware store.

“There’s nothing fancy about this job,” Drca says.

“In a nutshell we’re (laying) a sheet of plastic vertically and that’s going to prevent the migration of the gas.”

The project was designed by consulting engineers.

The Malden landfill also has a leachate collection system to catch contaminated drain water that percolates through the soil.

“We can’t allow that water to migrate off site,” Drca says. 

“So we have a leachate collection system around the perimeter of the site that collects that water and it sends it to the wastewater treatment plant.”

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