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Middleton to take legal action against city

City Council booted Middleton from the position two years ago over what it says was his treatment of various city administrative staff, thereby violating the city’s Respectful Workplace Program.

Middleton says that to this day he has not been told the specific reasons for his ouster.

“They wouldn’t even tell me why I was fired.”

But he has been “investigating this non-stop” and has voluminous information on the web site he created immediately after his firing.

“What I’ve put there is everything that has happened in that situation. I name names. I name people. That website has been up there since I was fired.”

Middleton, who owns ABC Signs Inc., still is vice chair of the city’s property standards committee.

Middleton has been very active in civic affairs, originally being a member of the city’s sign bylaw committee.

He says as a result of his committee work he has developed “insight into how the relations between those committees and administration are. And it’s tense. Let me just put it that way.”

The crime prevention committee has overseen programs like neighbourhood watch and block parent.

He maintains he was fired for doing his job.

“Administration does not like it when somebody is given a mandate and they stick to that mandate,” he said. “When you point things out to them that aren’t right they don’t like it.”

He mentioned departments like the city clerk’s office, the finance department, the licensing department.

This will be Middleton’s fourth time running for council, saying he “never came close” in previous attempts.

He’s running because he thinks those on the present council “don’t do their homework” and “don’t like making tough decisions.”

Asked for examples, he said he would be laying them out on a new website which he said should be online in about a month.

“Right now I’m just in the information gathering process.”


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