LaSalle's Lojewski influenced by pop art (continued)

“By incorporating the traditional medium of paint introduces new dimensions, and aesthetics to my work,” she says.

Her art can be abstractly arranged, yet whimsical and ironic, and still carry a strong message.

An example was a work for Windsor’s Smogfest exhibition.

But she is an artist who also loves to combine mediums of the new and traditional.

That’s why her work appears on canvas allowing for depth and for enhancing the viewer's experience.

The triptych shows one panel of her wearing a gas mask, another displaying huge light bulbs, and a third a fish in colour overlaying ones in black and white.

Often the work will be of collections of items, like pills or sushi, creating a colourful and almost in-your-face tapestry.

Then there are the self-portraits.

One shows her staring out expressionlessly while blowing bubble gum in a pink toned image.

“Anyone who is familiar with my work can most likely detect a pop art influence, commonly exerting feminine themes and undertones.”

Putting herself in her own work allows her to make a point from a very much subjective position.

But Lojewski says each subject must hold a certain uniqueness.

“Commonly I will remove the object out of its normal context and substitute a white background which tends to emphasize detail.”

` She does a lot of collaboration with local artist Jason Deary.

“At this point we are still experimenting with how the opposite mediums work together, and can be pushed to their fullest.”