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Megabus - apologies for the delay but no refund (con't)

But the company won’t compensate a rider should a bus be delayed due to a fault on the company’s part. 

Such was the case with a trip Sept. 28 from New York to Providence RI where passengers - including one from the Windsor area - had to disembark a vehicle at a Connecticut service centre midway through the trip because another Megabus just in front of it heading to Boston had broken down.

Passengers from the Boston bus transferred to the other bus because there were more passengers aboard the broken down vehicle.

Meanwhile passengers on the second vehicle had to wait about half an hour for another bus to pick them up.

But there was a problem there as well.

This was not a Megabus vehicle but one operated by DATTCO, the company which has a franchise to provide Megabus service.

And the bus was not immediately headed to the same city – Providence – as was the original Megabus.

Instead it was on a normally scheduled run to Newport, RI.

But, said the driver, it would proceed to Providence after it reached Newport, adding roughly another hour to the trip, making the tire delay an hour and a half.

The driver apologized and told passengers if they had “any issues” to take them up with Megabus.

But an inquiry to Megabus seeking compensation for the two delays was met with only an apology.

“Megabus services all of our vehicles every 7,500 miles (approximately every 10 days) but in between services on the road faults can develop,” said the email response.

“Thankfully, breakdowns are relatively rare but their impact on our

passengers' schedules can be significant.

“Unfortunately, we will not be able to compensate for this delay.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

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