Motown's one man tour band (con't)

“You learn all kinds of crazy stuff about Detroit, interesting stuff,” he said.

Upcoming on McMillan’s 2011 tours - info available at - is a tour of Detroit celebrities’ homes Nov. 5.

You’ll be able to see where people like Dennis Archer, Sonny Bono, Ty Cobb, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Malcolm X, and many others lived or live.

Also on tap are a Detroit Black history and culture tour Nov. 12, a Detroit and Hamtramck religion tour Nov. 22, and a German culture tour of the Motor City Dec. 16.

Earlier this fall McMillin conducted tours of the Elmwood and adjacent Mt. Elliott cemeteries, where some of Detroit’s most famous citizens are buried including former mayor Coleman Young.

He also hosted a Detroit brewery tour.

On a recent tour of Detroit’s east side McMillin pointed out lots of new residential construction, which surprised some people on the bus who thought the city hadn’t had new homes built in decades.

“There are a lot of new developments going on,” he said. “I’m learning about it all the time.”

But his tours don’t stop at the Detroit border.

McMillin is very interested in Windsor and regularly conducts Underground Railroad tours to sites such as the North American Black Historical Museum in Amherstburg and the John Freeman Walls historic site in Lakeshore.

He also has a Prohibition Tour to Canada scheduled Dec. 1 with stops at the Victoria Tavern (Windsor’s second oldest) for lunch and the Hiram Walker Canadian Club Brand Centre for free whisky samples.

McMillin has been conducting tours since 1968.

He started out as a teacher and then expanded into being a tour guide, charging shoestring prices.

McMillin often teams up with experts such as Pete Cornils for the Detroit brewery tour.

McMillin’s tours aren’t just small and personality-driven but they provide a real experience of the areas visited.

For example, on the Hamtramck tour next month lunch (at guests’ expense) lunch will be at the Polish Village cafe.

The German tour will stop to eat at Jacoby’s Lutheran Church.

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