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Experiential Beatles exhibit at The Henry Ford (con't)

The exhibit runs until Sept. 18.

The club, where the Beatles performed between 1961-63, has been meticulously re-created.

“We worked directly with the owner of the Cavern to get as many photographs as possible from all angles in order to build the one we have in the exhibition,” the company that created the exhibit said.

“We received dimensions and also counted the bricks in the photographs and had the original bricks measured. 

“We then cross-referenced these measurements with dimensions we received from other sources and accounts from people who had been in the original club.”

Part of the very stage the band played on is included.

Most everything else is real.

These include “incredibly rare” personal letters and photographs.

You can also experience a Beatles concert from the band’s perspective.

And there is numerous merchandise – from costumes to board games and trading cards.

You can go into a studio and mix the Beatles music yourself learning how their unique sounds were created.

The band’s breakup was heartbreaking and the exhibit traces their later individual music and personal paths.

Heartbreaking more is Lennon’s final autograph.

It was signed in 1980 on the cover of his just-released Double Fantasy album, for David Chapman, who would assassinate him just hours later.

“For fans of Lennon and The Beatles, it may be a difficult piece to see given its haunting reminders of a life and talent taken from us too soon,” John Neilson, The Henry Ford’s senior director says.

The exhibit is advertised as the “most exhaustive” ever about the Fab Four, immersive and educational about the music and culture the lads from Liverpool created.

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