London Ontario's first ever '100In1Day' festival

“We hope that this event will display 'what

London really looks like' by showcasing our diversity, creativity and 

hopes for our city,” Wes Kinghorn of the city’s Urban League says.

“We're basing 100In1Day London on the themes found in 'TheLondon Plan' to encourage events celebrating everything from strong neighborhoods to a greener city,” he said.

“The event is free and we hope that many will visit us from cities outside of London to join the fun.”

The day could see pop-up installations, micro parks, a community garden, street concerts, neighborhood bike rides “and thousands of other creative ideas,” Kinghorn says.

The event started in Bogota, Colombia and has spread around the world.

The idea is to seek “civic engagement,” he said.

It celebrates neighborhoods, cultural diversity, natural space - all facets that make up the urban scene.

The Urban League is an umbrella group of neighborhood and community associations in The Forest City.

As the name implies there will be 100 events taking place throughout the day.

The events are meant to be eclectic and some will last only an hour, others may be permanent.

The event was inspired by the London official plan, based on two years of gathering city residents’ “hopes, dreams and aspirations for London’s future,” the city website says.

The plan emphasizes reducing “the costs of growth, create walkable communities, revitalize our urban neighborhoods and business areas” and seeks “to conserve our cultural heritage and protect our environmental areas, hazard lands, and natural resources.”

Asked if Windsor has any plans for a similar event, the city did not respond.

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