Lemire's haunting Essex County novels (continued)

The book pulls together Lemire’s famous and award-winning Essex County trilogy (Tales from the Farm, Ghost Stories and The Country Nurse) along with previously unpublished material such as sketches and two additional stories.

His publisher calls Essex County “a tender meditation on family, memory, grief, secrets and reconciliation.”

In an interview Jeff, who now lives in Toronto, says he was born at Grace Hospital but grew up in Woodslee and left the area in 1995 for school.

Just like lots of kids Lemire loved comics. And he wanted to draw them.

“I can’t say that I ever thought a career in comics was a realistic possibility,” he says. “It just seemed dream or a fantasy job, like playing in the NHL. But, I really got serious about it about 10-years ago and just worked really hard every day until that dream came more and more a reality.”

Living In Toronto ever since he has “fond” memories of the county “and wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

One review called Essex County a “haunting and beautiful” work and said it was “the only time I can recall being moved to tears by a hockey storyline.”

Two more recent books are Sweet Tooth and The Nobody (DC Comics) both set in the world of science fiction.

“But,” he says, “at their core they all deal with the same themes as Essex County...rural life, family, father and sons.”


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