Tecumseh's Lise Lacasse in Youth in Revolt (continued)

The Michigan-made film stars Michael Cera, Ray Liotta and Steve Buscemi. And Lacasse, who now lives in Michigan, has scenes as the “Matron” playing opposite Cera.

Lacasse has resided in suburban Detroit since the early Nineties.

Growing up in St. Clair Beach she attended St. Gregory and St. Anne High School in Tecumseh and graduated from the University of Windsor theatre department.

Lacasse left for Toronto for acting, met a man from Michigan, and returned to the Detroit area, where she has had steady work as an actor in film, commercials, corporate videos and voice over work, including for companies like Toyota, the UPS Store, Chevrolet, and Disney.

Youth in Revolt is the first of five feature films to be released over the next year or so in which she performs with some of Hollywood’s leading stars.

Later this year another Michigan-made film The Irishman starring Val Kilmer and Christopher Walken will be released. She plays Mrs. Shaughnessy and has scenes with Ray Stevenson as Danny Greene , a notorious gangster who waged a power struggle against the Italian mob.

Other films in which she has a role are Trust directed by David Schwimmer, MOOZ-lum by Qasim Basir, and Cedar Rapids directed by the same man directing Youth in Revolt, Miguel Arteta.

In Trust she has scenes with Clive Owen and Catheriner Keener.

Youth in Revolt is a romantic comedy. Cera plays Nick Twisp, son of trailer park trash parents, who dreams he’ll lose his virginity to Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday).

Lacasse speaks French in the part. Her French Canadian background is one reason she got the role, she says.

Lacasse said she got her early break in acting years ago starring in Detroit’s Second City comedy troupe.

And while she has had steady work she credits the booming Michigan film industry – fuelled by the state’s generous tax credits - with creating a whole new level of work for her and other actors.

“What excites me even more is the ripple effect that goes beyond the talent,” she said. “It’s what it’s doing for all the different cities when they have to rent space, use locations – there’s commerce being generated in the cities – between caterers and hotels and airlines and wardrobe.”

Lacasse has also worked extensively in theatre and performed as Doris in the Leamington Dock Theatre’s production of The Owl and the Pussycat.

The Lacasse name is big in Tecumseh and, yes, she’s associated with many well-known family members.

Lacasse Park is named after her uncle Bert Lacasse. Her father J.L. (Joe) Lacasse and uncle Kit Lacasse ran the Tecumseh Tribune newspaper.


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