Knights of Columbus coats distribution (continued)

Spokesman Matt St. John said the Knights wanted to make a foray into Canada as part of the second year of their campaign where they purchase 10,000 new coats and deliver them around the United States.

This year 1000 coats are earmarked for Canada and Windsor is getting 600.

“This is our first event in Canada,” he said.

The coats, all brand new, were delivered last week.

St. John said K of C officials wanted to find where the need was greatest in Canada.

“And as we understand it Windsor has the highest unemployment in Canada, not just in Ontario. So that was obviously a big factor in choosing.

We wanted to make sure they were going where the need is highest.”

The coats will be going to the K of C “partner” the Catholic school board.

Board spokeswoman Jill Braido says principals and students at schools were canvassed as to the needs of children in their classes.

“We have a lot of schools that the need is tremendous at this year with the economy and layoffs,” she said.

She also said there are a lot of new immigrant kids. “You have a lot of those families are struggling to make ends meet.”

Braido said she heard from teachers who were “in tears” because the need among some students is so great.

She said so far 350 coats have been requested. Those that aren’t needed by school students will be made available to the general community.

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