Zug Island corps. & Windsor Hum (con't)

And most average Canadians seem to agree, as per the number of increasing references in news reports to the decades-old industrial island located in the Detroit River.

Still, there is nothing definitive pointing to the island or activities going on there.

For decades steel has been made on Zug Island.

Currently United States Steel (USS) operates there.

But an official with the company had absolutely no comment when contacted by

“We have not pursued any comment on the Windsor Hum thus far,” said Courtney Boone at USS’s headquarters in Pittsburgh.

She suggested speaking to the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

At least two other corporate entities operate on the island.

One is the Delray Connecting Railroad, operated by Transtar Inc., which in turn is a subsidiary of USS.

The other is DTE Energy in Detroit, which operates a coke battery.

Spokesman John Austerberry suggested it would be hard to prove a link between the vibrations and noise affecting Windsor and LaSalle residents and the DTE facility.

“The DTE coke battery has been in operation for decades,” he said.

“There has been no significant change in equipment or operation in recent times that would coincide with the onset of these vibrations.”

He added: “Very simply the coke battery doesn’t use any equipment that’s capable of producing vibrations of the magnitude that’s been reported.”

But Austerberry said DTE would certainly “cooperate” with any government officials conducting investigations.

Meanwhile, the head of the union representing steelworkers on the island was “kind of surprised” that the issue has reared its head again after first hearing about the Windsor Hum last year from a Canadian reporter.

“I’m aware of it. Some people are saying there’s a hum out there. I haven’t actually felt it per se,” Marc Barragan, president of Local 1299 of the United Steelworkers of America, said.

Barragan said while he personally hasn’t heard the noise or felt vibrations “and our offices are not far from the facility itself” he also is “in no position to deny” it.

He said questions should really be directed to US Steel.

Barragan added if there are legitimate issues he hopes they could be resolved.

“I’m certainly concerned that if there’s anything potentially dangerous to our members or the community US Steel would do what’s right."

And he said the Steelworkers would cooperate with an investigation and “I would talk” to the “international” Canadian section of the union “and take it from there.”

Picture: Wikipedia: Notorious4life

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