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Video links DRIC bridge to NAFTA Superhighway and Chinese takeover (con't)

It calls this the “Chinafication of America” and says the Chinese are exploiting NAFTA “to gain ground.”

The video says the new bridge “is an emerging Chinafication issue which should be of immediate concern to all Americans because there’s pressure to get it done yet there’s time to fight back.”

The video says the Chinese have “launched a de facto economic war” against the US.

It refers to the Wilson International Centre for Scholars, a “neutral” think tank, sponsoring a forum called “China: NAFTA’s 4TH Partner.”

It says NAFTA is in turn part of the North American Super Corridor Coalition (NASCO).

“The NASCO vision is of a vast network of super toll roads, rail lines and water pipe lines - four football fields-wide” running from Canada through the US to Mexico.

From time to time over the years there has been speculation, often by conspiracy theorists, that there is a move afoot to erase the three countries' sovereignty.

The video repeats this.

It says that some Americans “worry” the network of highways and rail lines “will pave the way for a North American union which would end the national sovereignty” of the countries.

Then it poses this question.

“Is NASCO’s NAFTA Superhighway tied to the proposed new public bridge between Detroit and Canada?” and answers “You bet it is.”

The video shows a freeze frame from the NASCO web site under “member projects” where “the first thing that pops up is the Detroit bridge project.”

The video says Canada, “is pushing” Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the Legislature hard to support the bridge.

Why Canada, it asks.

“What you don’t know about what’s happening in Canada can hurt you.”

The video makes reference to a 1997 CSIS and RCMP joint report of Chinese “espionage and organized crime influence.”

The video, quoting from the report, says that typically a Chinese company would “initially buy and or legally set up a company in Canada and once under their control buys other” companies.

A “domino effect ensues that acts like a well spun web or network at strategic points.”

The video says the report, known as Sidewinder, actually stated that “China remains one of the greatest ongoing threats to Canada’s national security and Canadian industry.”

Then it refers to statements last year where CSIS head Richard Fadden, “caused a national political uproar when he told CBC News Canada’s political system has been infiltrated.”

The video has a clip of Fadden saying CSIS believes “several” BC municipal politicians and “in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown” whom CSIS believes “are at least under the general influence” of the Chinese.

The video says Canada has nevertheless “wined and dined and wooed” the Chinese “with promises of massive access to the US market” through the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative.

It adds: “Transport Canada has hosted or sponsored countless meetings to promote the Asia Gateway initiative” and that Transport Canada senior official Helena Borges in June has “bragged” that this “could connect Michigan to the world.”

Her talk featured a “prominent” power point slide “explaining the importance of the new international trade crossing” at Windsor-Detroit.

This included not just the new bridge but an enlarged rail tunnel for trains to “roll into the US and end up at a massive terminal in southwest Detroit,” says narrator Vince Wade.

It accuses the Detroit Chamber of Commerce of “doing its part in the Chinafication of America” by lobbying to get the terminal “designated as an inland port to make the flood of Chinese imports flow even faster.”

It cites a chamber presentation that describes the terminal as a “NAFTA thoroughfare enabling the trans-loading of heavy imports from Canadian ports to the US using railroads.”

The video emphasizes this point.

“It doesn’t talk about exporting US made goods, it describes trans-loading heavy imports from Canadian ports to the US using railroads.”

The video was solely produced and financed by Wade.


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Latest video highlights Windsor-Essex Parkway

In a just-released video veteran broadcaster Vince Wade links the Windsor-Essex Parkway to undue Chinese influence. Called Will the New Detroit Bridge be Built in China? the video describes how the new San Francisco – Oakland Bay bridge has been largely fabricated in the People’s Republic by Chinese workers “earning $12 a day” and the contract “enriched a Communist dictatorship.” The company that got the contract is ZPMC, controlled by the Chinese government. A key investor is Li Ka-Shing, the 11th richest person in the word. His investments include “massive real estate, energy and banking investments in Canada,” the video says. ZPMC was recommended by Fluor, a contractor on the Oakland bridge. Fluor, Wade says, is also a “pro-China US corporation.” It is also the “the lead contractor on a road complex now under construction in Windsor Canada as part of the proposed new international bridge between Canada and Detroit.” Fluor is also “one of the bidders” for work on the US side of the proposed new DRIC bridge.” The video asks,”Will Li K Shing’s vast financial clout in Canada influence the Canadian government? Will US and Canadian workers get screwed in the process?”

Producer says he's solely responsible for the videos

Despite numerous rumours that various organizations like the Ambassador Bridge and the Tea Party political action group are behind a spate of recent videos linking the DRIC/NITC bridge to Chinese interests, the producer and narrator of the videos says he is solely responsible. Vince Wade told WON.com that for many years he was an investigative reporter for Detroit’s channels 2 and 7. He now lives in Los Angeles where he does freelance reporting and other media work. He says he produced these videos because “I believe the Chinafication of America (and Canada) is the single most important story of our times.” Wade says the countries “have moved from trade with China to begging them to take ownership of our economy - begging a Communist dictatorship to own the power of employment and wealth creation in our nation.” Wade is adamant that the videos were paid solely out of his own pocket. “No one has paid me for any of my Chinafication videos,” he says. “I wish I could say otherwise. This historic transfer of wealth begs for a television documentary - actually a series of documentaries which should run in the U.S. and Canada. I have not been able to find anyone with the financial resources who is interested in telling this story. The people who have become wealthy in your country and mine no longer give a damn about the nation's which nurtured them and enabled them to become rich.” Wade says he has approached “wealthy individuals seeking financial support to do this work and in every case I find they have their snouts in the China trough or they hope to if they can find a way in.”