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Windsor Star changing to dramatic new format "very soon" (con't)

And it has officially said it has plans to convert all those papers.

“It is happening for The Windsor Star and the Windsor Star is next, it’s actually happening very soon, I can’t confirm the date,” Georgia Sourtzis said.

The Star had the mock front page on its replica e-edition web site from early this morning, likely from the time the edition went live at 4.29 am.

By 6.45 am it had been removed.

The paper’s new look featured its masthead (name) in white on a dark blue background with a lighter blue diagonal strip running through it.

Two mock stores - ones that were featured on the front page of the regular Star on Sept. 29 - were also laid out on the page.

One was about Windsor city hall pausing development of a bike trail along Cabana Road and the other about a deficit brewing at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare. 

The rest of the page had smaller colourful blocks that are meant to be teasers for various newspaper sections.

For example “Sports,” “You” and “FP,” the last which would be Postmedia’s flagship Financial (National) Post newspaper content.

Star publisher Marty Beneteau was travelling and didn’t immediately return a request for comment. 

But Postmedia is converting all its dailies to the same format.

The latest was the Edmonton Journal which converted Sept. 15. (New logo above.)

Postmedia calls the change its “reimagined brand” and is part of an overall effort to reposition dailies in how they present themselves in a rapidly changing media and technological age - not just in print but on other platforms such as the web, tablet and smartphone.

“By customizing information to what our audiences have told us they’re interested in based on how they access the Journal, our journalism has a broader reach and wider impact now than at any time in our history,” Edmonton Journal editor Margo Goodhand said in a release.

The Postmedia strategy is also aimed at being relevant to advertisers in an age when traditional print newspapers have seen a marked decline in advertising dollars.

“As our reimagined four platform strategy rolls out across the country, Postmedia will provide the ultimate premium marketing environment for advertisers,” Andrew MacLeod, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Postmedia, said. “Our new products will allow clients to reach their desired audience with the right message, for the right individual, on the right platform.”

This new format launched with the Ottawa Citizen in May 2014 and has since been adapted by other Postmedia papers such as the Calgary Herald and the Montreal Gazette.

The only papers that have not been converted yet are the Star, two Vancouver papers and two Saskatchewan dailies, which already have formats almost identical to the current Star look.

The flagship National Post continues to carry its unique logo - spread along the left side of its front page.

Similarities among the papers are masthead block placements as well as headline font styles and smaller section teaser blocks.

It’s also possible the Star could eventually carry more National Post content as does the new look Edmonton Journal.

“Print audiences will be able to enjoy the newest addition to the newspaper, NP in the Edmonton Journal, a comprehensive package, 8-12 pages in length of national and international news, commentary and analysis powered by the National Post,” a news release said.

Ironically the peek at the Star’s new format occurred the same day the Star itself featured on its regular front page a lead story about a sneak peek at Fiat Chrysler’s presumably new Windsor-built minivan. 

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