More rental assistance (con't)

The money would go to renters in their existing apartments; they wouldn’t have to move.

The city’s housing department expects 100 renters could benefit.

The money is in addition to existing provincial rent assistance provided in Windsor through the city, Debbie Cercone, director of housing, said.

Low-income renters receive as much as $300 applied directly to monthly rental costs.

“The city doesn’t put any money into these programs,” Cercone said.

The city has agreements with non-profit and private apartment owners who receive the income.

The new program would be different in that renters would receive money directly and then use it to pay their monthly rents.

Cercone said that while more details are to come renters would be eligible based on income determined through the tax system and their annual notices of assessment.

Altogether almost $890,000 would be made available to Windsor and Essex County for three years up to December 2012.

Cercone said the money is not part of stimulus to buoy a tough local economy but is likely “redirected” from another fund, and is available to municipalities across then province.

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