Wind turbine project appears dead (con't)

But, he said, “I can tell you that the hurdles that this project has to climb at this point, I don’t think you and I will be alive if it ever does come to life.”

SouthPoint wanted to put the turbines in three groupings off the Lake Erie shoreline.

The proposal sparked huge opposition from residents who said they feared the ecological damage to the lake as well as the unsightly view of turbines in the water.

“It’s enormously unpopular,” Weber agreed.

He said the hurdles for approval would include a so-called “economic connectivity test” to determine the project’s viability.

Essex Liberal MPP Bruce Crozier also cast grave doubt on the long range prospects for the proposal.

Besides the viability test he said he understands the Ministry of Natural resources has a problem with the project being in Lake Erie.

Crozier said the application is technically still alive.

“Nobody can say, go away, it’s done.”

He said there’s also “no incentive” for SouthPoint to take it off the table.

“They can just let it sit there too and irritate all of us.”

Meanwhile, SouthPoint’s proposal for an additional 700 turbines in Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair is “in such infancy” and had not even been submitted to the OPA for approval, Crozier said.

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