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Meridian credit union moves from downtown to suburban commercial axis (con't)

The pad was built earlier this year and has several outlets ready for tenants, Meridian being the first one with perhaps the highest profile, on the end bordering Howard Ave., directly across from the mall.

The current branch is located at 545 Ouellette nestled between Wyandotte St. and the coming-to-life Maiden Lane.

Meridian's Windsor branch manager Rolanda Taib said there were “a number” of reasons for the move.

She said the Roundhouse Centre “is going to afford us a lot of visibility and awareness, vehicle traffic is so high, lots of residential areas around there.”

The Meridian branch is in fact the former Desjardins Credit Union.

Desjardins merged with what was the original Niagara region-based Meridian in 2011 and converted its branches by 2012.

Meanwhile, another credit union is moving in the opposite direction but admittedly it has many more branches and is long a hometown institution.

The Windsor Family Credit Union opened its high profile branch in the former CHWI TV studio at the corner of Ouellette and University avenues two years ago.

And WFCU president Eddie Francis says it's there for the long term.

Francis said he wishes Meridian well.

But he also said the downtown is more viable than a lot of people think.

“Most people probably lose sight of the fact that there are a lot of residential units in the downtown core.”  

Francis also pointed to an often overlooked fact, despite Windsor being the fourth most ethnically diverse city in the country and a magnet for immigrants.

"Most recently the new immigrants and some of the immigrant groups that have settled in around the core area have found their way up to WFCU," he said.

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