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LaSalle's new east-west parkway (con't)

The road will essentially allow seamless travel from the existing part of Laurier between Front Rd. and Malden Rd. and via the Vollmer sports complex (where the road dead ends), past Disputed Rd., Huron Church Line and ending at Howard Ave., more than three kilometres.

Miller said the parkway will also connect into Hwy. 401 and the new DRIC border highway.

Up to now LaSalle, which has had “significant” population growth over the last couple of decades, mainly has had major north – south roads rather than east– west ones, Miller said.

He said that was because LaSalle was developed as a farming community with farmers hauling to market in the city. Farms were also laid out in east-west strips.

In recent years the town has tried to create more east-west arteries with construction of Normandy Rd. and the Sandwich West Pkwy., both of which could be extended.

Miller said the Laurier extension will not only open up residential areas in the Bouffard and Howard planning districts but “employment land opportunities,” such as industrial development.

Up to now LaSalle has been heavily weighted to residential development, with Miller estimating 90 per cent of the community being residential-based, and very little industry.


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