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Kingsville's identity crisis (con't)

Essex says that it in fact is Canada’s most southern town.

In 1999 Essex swallowed up former townships in what is now the southern half of the community which were in fact, geographically, further south than Kingsville.

So while Kingsville had bragging rights to being the most southern town in Canada up until 1999 it does not now.

Any map of Essex County will show that, geographically, the southern rim of Essex dips below Kingsville.

Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos reportedly is maintaining the town’s slogan, which was chosen in the mid-1990s before amalgamation.

But, Santos's comments aside, a visit to the town’s web site shows at least three descriptions of the town's location, two of which seem to acknowledge the fact Kingsville no longer has the most southern status.

For example, on the site’s Our Community page, there is no doubt: “Kingsville, Canada’s most southern Town,” it says in a matter of fact way.

But on the home page the web site says, “The Town has declared itself geographically the Southernmost Downtown area in Canada.”

Notice the words “declared itself” as well as the more geographically specific reference to having the “Southernmost Downtown” - not the municipality as a whole but the downtown.

But even the second part of this reference may be incorrect.

For example, according to the county map, the town site of Harrow, within the Town of Essex, might have greater claim to having Canada’s most southerly downtown.

Then, under the Kingsville web site’s Tourist Information section, the site describes Kingsville as being “one of Canada’s most southerly located towns.”

Not “most southerly” but “one of” Canada’s most southern towns.


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