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"Nature Bridge" targeted by graffiti vandals (con't) 

It’s located directly across from Assumption high school.

The bridge, ironically, is the signature feature of a collaborative effort between the city and the University of Windsor known as the Green Corridor, linking several environmental initiatives along Huron Church Rd. near the Ambassador Bridge and driven by university students.

“Once complete, the Nature Bridge will act as both the focal point of the Green Corridor project, and as an iconic gateway to the City of Windsor and to Canada,” says a website description.

Pete Matheson, city public works supervisor, says graffiti is washed off on a regular basis.

Money is set aside to deal with maintenance on this bridge and similar pedestrian crossings such as at Grand Marais and California Ave.

“We do it probably four times a year,” he said.

He said the city has more success scrubbing the graffiti off of the glass panes of the stricture than of the concrete.

“It gets rid of a lot,” he said.

No one is sure who is responsible for the graffiti.

But when the bridge was first opened the city had to repair locks on the cages in which various plants – part of the effort to create an environmental or natural effect - are located.

Meanwhile it’s uncertain how many people actually use the bridge.

Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh, former Assumption principal and now a spokeswoman for the local Catholic school board, said detentions used to be given out if students were seen crossing the street and not the bridge.

“We used to hand out detentions and do whatever we could to make them use it,” he said.

But that doesn’t happen now.

Current principal Joe Ibrahim said “we encourage” students to use the bridge and in fact announcements to such effect are made on the school’s intercom.

But he said the school has limited authority to discipline students, noting the bridge is not school property.

“Whenever we catch them we do contact parents,” he said.


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