25 local green 'FIT' energy projects (con't)

The Pelee Island Winery will generate 250 kilowatts.

Company president Walter Schmoranz said the winery hasn’t decided whether the panels will be at the winery itself on the island or at its Kingsville store and office.

He said the company still isn’t sure if transporting the power from the island to the mainland “is doable.”

The panels would take up 50,000-60,000 sq. ft.

Schmoranz said his firm learned about the program last year as a way to generate revenue by feeding power into the provincial electricity grid.

But he said it would require a “hefty investment.”

Nevertheless he hopes revenue generated form the sale of power will offset the winery’s energy costs.

“I hope eventually our energy intake will be neutral.”

Under the provincial Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program homeowners or businesses can be paid to generate power from a variety of alternate energy sources – from roof top solar panels to onshore wind to biomass.

The David Suzuki School would have capacity for 38 kilowatts.

A project at Tecumseh Arena by Essex Powerlines will generate 500.

The River Canard Energy Wind Farm was approved for 500.

Local Real Canadian Superstores on Walker Rd. and Dougall Sq would generate 375 and 135 respectedly.

The Zehrs Great Food in LaSalle would generate 250 kilowatts.

The No Frills in Amherstburg has capacity for 100.

Loblaw has been approved for 136 Ontario stores.

It will initially launch four solar panel pilot projects – in the Toronto and Ottawa areas – “and then evaluate the next phase of rollouts,” the province says.

Overall 112 megawatts from the 510 projects will be generated, enough power for more than 13,000 homes, Duguid said.

Also today the province announced that 700 individual residents “from Ottawa to Windsor” were approved to generate electricity under the microFIT program or 10 kilowatts or less.

These include homeowners, farmers and small businesses.


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