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Nolan pleas for Diabetes Assoc (con't)

“People are being negative towards the Canadian Diabetes Association and they need to stop,” she said.

The diabetes association donates the goods and then is compensated by the store.

The association uses the money for research, education, and advocacy programs.

An association employee said her office has received many complaints from the public about how Value Village treated Nolan.

Calls to a Canadian Diabetes media relations person in Toronto Monday were not returned.

Nolan was fired on Wednesday March 16 three hours after her shift ended at the store.

She said she was called on the phone by district manager Don Draper and fired for “creating a scene” at the store that day.

Yet Nolan said she worked her regular shift without incident.

“I did absolutely nothing wrong,” she said.

“Mr Draper calls me at home at 5.30 and says I created a scene. Where was the scene? There was no scene.”

Nolan says the real reason she was fired was because she spoke to The Windsor Star about the plight of fellow workers who were not offered sufficient opportunity to apply for jobs at other area Value Village stores after the Dougall store closes this month.

“What I was fighting for was my little crew in the back” in the store’s production area.

She herself was not planning to reapply for another Value Village job and therefore felt she had nothing to fear by going to the media.

“That’s why I spoke out in the first place because I really didn’t have much to lose.”

Nolan raised questions about why employees were not sufficiently notified they could apply for other jobs, and she had questions about termination pay.

She asked why one women who had 17 years employment had to reapply for a job.

"Why? She doesn’t fit the job anymore after 17 years?”

Nolan said management “got mad that I said that but, you know what, come on guys...these were the little things I was mad about.”

She said the real reason she was fired was because she talked to the Star.

“It hit the newspaper that morning and I was fired that night at 5.30.”

But the Value Village manager wouldn’t tell her that.

“Of course he won’t say that, he’d be hanging himself,” she said.

A Value Village spokeswoman denied Nolan was fired for speaking to the media.

Sara Gaugl declined to discuss the case because of privacy issues.

“While I am unable to discuss the particulars of Ms. Nolan's employment relationship with Value Village, she like everyone else is entitled to communicate her point of view,” Gaugl said.

“The decision to end Ms. Nolan's employment with Value Village was in no way due to her speaking with the media.”

Meanwhile Nolan wants the public not to take out their anger on the diabetes association.

“I would like to start by asking everyone who has donated in the past or who is thinking about donating to please continue to do so,” she said in a follow-up email.

“The Canadian Diabetes Association is a great charitable organization that helps diabetics with their day to day struggles with the disease.”


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