Detroit luring Canuck artists to the Motor City (con't) 

Rozek, an artist himself and University of Toronto grad, is quite familiar with Canada and the Canadian art scene.

He’s also worked with the Windsor arts council and is familiar with another group that has explored Windsor-Detroit border issues though art - Broken City Lab.

“I created an installation of a Niagara Falls Visitor Center at The Arts Council Windsor & Region’s Artspeak Gallery back in January of 2012,” he said.

Rozek said the region suffers from a “pretty rough reputation” so bringing Canadian and American artists together hopefully will “change that perception as much as we can through positive experiences.”

The project is called Canadian Residency which is part of his North American Souvenirs, which plays up cross country themes.

North American Souvenirs also sells “uniquely North American gifts - from our environmentally conscious and trilingual faux plastic bags, to dog tag bottle openers that represent your favorite country on the Continent,” its website says.

Rozek’s background is also in urban planning and that’s where the Detroit focus come sin.

He calls the art “creative place making” which merges urban planning and creative expression.

“I’ve been trying to draw attention to overlooked tourist destinations and undervalued residential areas,” he said.

Rozek says he’s made contact with some Canadian artists but the program will be marketed nationally in Canada through an art magazine and artist communities. 

“My favorite Canadian artists are Tom Thomson and David Milne. I will be holding a séance and exhuming their tombs to see if they are available,” he joked.

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