Anti-porn protesters cite harm to women - and men (con't) 

They hold their pickets the first and last Fridays of each month between 5 and 6 pm.

They carry signs reading, “Pornography Hurts Children,” “Pornography Destroys Marriage”, “Pornography Prevents Manhood.”

For the most part they seem ignored by the large amount of rush hour traffic.

But occasionally someone honks a horn in support.

Mike Horoky, a Catholic deacon, has been leading the protests and said the reaction has been mixed.

“You get a lot of comments, a lot of calls, a lot of verbal attacks, a lot of all kinds of things,” he says.

Some people have made complements, and the group has even received free coffee from employees at a nearby store.

But there have also been insults.

“We had this one guy who was ... yelling at us screaming at us threatening to get his buddies come and beat us up.”

But they have had women walk up to them and thank them for what they are doing.

“One lady even said ‘My marriage was destroyed by pornography,’ ” Horoky said.

Horoky said he was inspired to start the protest after seeing a television news report about a similar group in Pittsburgh.

“Some of them had been sexual addicts who had gotten caught in pornography and online stuff and they decided that in their recovery that this would be something that they would do.”

A similar group in LaSalle started within the past year.

It has the backing of the Knight of Columbus at Assumption parish in Windsor, where organizer Gerard Charette is a deacon.

Charette, a LaSalle resident, has been organizing the protests in front of the Malden Rd. Family Video store.

 “They sell and rent pornography,” he said.

“It’s kind of odd that they would call themselves Family Video. They have an adult room.”

Charette said the group originally asked the U.S. chain to discontinue renting adult films.

“They thought about it and decided not to, so we did what we said we would do.”

Their protests, usually attended by four or five people, is held every second Saturday between 3 and 4 pm.

Both groups of protesters stay on the public sidewalk and remain silent unless someone engages them in conversation.

Charette, who has taken part in anti-abortion marches, said the anti-porn pickets are part and parcel of the same type of protest.

“It’s a protest in favour of the culture of life against the culture of death,” he said.

Charette said while prn exploits women this is also a men’s issue.

He described it as “an issue of human rights and human dignity” for women, “and it’s especially a guy thing” because they view pornography most.

The Family Video manager said she was not allowed to comment.

 David Chau, an Adult Video employee, said the merchandise his store rents is an example of free expression.

He also said the protesters should picket other video stores.

 “If they do every store I don’t mind.”

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