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Interesting facts from the Howe bridge builder announcement 

• Why a cable-stayed bridge instead of a traditional suspension? “In this area given the ground conditions on both sides we felt it was a better solution to go with deep foundations for the towers of the bridge rather than big counterweights for the suspension bridge,” consortium spokesman Tom Middlebrook said.

• We know there have been a lot of lawsuits brought by the family who owns the Ambassador Bridge, to protect their investment over what they see as unfair competition for a government owned and subsidized bridge, despite the fact the Gordie Howe will be a public-private partnership, with the consortium paying construction costs. Hundreds of millions have been spent by government reading the site, however. According to Gordie Howe bridge authority chairman Dwight Duncan there have been 25 lawsuits with the Ambassador Bridge losing all. And yet another lawsuit is expected this month.

• That all important question:  when will construction begin? Duncan says “you will actually see advanced work starting this month on the US side and ‘Big C’ construction will start as soon as we’ve signed the financial close, which will happen before the end of September. It might be the first week of October – depends.”

• The losing proponents were consortia known as CanAm Gateway Partners which included construction heavyweights like EllisDon and Bechtel, and Legacy Link Partners which included Quebec powerhouse SNC-Lavalin. They had been shortlisted along with the winner in 2016. At one time more than 700 people were working on each proposal.

• While bridge officials have assured that construction work – no numbers on jobs yet - will take place on both sides of the border using both Canadian and American labor, the pre-construction work so far in Brighton Beach and Delray (255 buildings demolished) have been by Canadian and US workers respectively.

• The new bridge will have Customs booths than can be raised and lowered to accommodate both cars and trucks. Toll collecting will take place on the Canadian side, just north of the Ojibway Parkway overpass; early work on that overpass, a provincial project, was seen last week.

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