BBQ rib taste without the messy bones (con't)

In fact some customers might prefer that especially if they don’t want to get their fingers dirty, smeared with sticky sauce.

Silcor Food Products is hoping so.

The company in January launched its Boneless BBQ Ribbits brand in 400 gram packages now found at some major groceries.

Brampton-based Silcor specializes in pork products, and delivers to most of eastern Canada’s major grocery chains such as Loblaw, Sobeys and Metro.

The new Ribbits product is produced under Silcor’s Cobblestone Farms brand.

Company president Don Bernier said the boneless rib concept has actually been around for many years.

He said McDonalds’’ McRib sandwiches is a similar “chopped and formed” pork product but in the firm of a patty.

But as far as Ribbits is concerned Bernier said there is no direct competition that he knows of, and the company came up with the product to provide consumers with “value,” similar to some of its other pork products.

A 400 gram package, in the frozen food bin, at No frills, priced recently at $5.00.

“It fit well with the value program because it is a less expensive product than a back rib,” he said.

Don’t get the idea that these are simply ribs that have been deboned.

“It’s not like I take a back rib and take the bone out of it,” Bernier said.

“It’s made with ground pork basically so it can be more economical to produce the product and it gives the consumer a little more value.”

But the tried and true smoky rib taste remains.

Not to say Silcor didn’t first try to debone ribs.

“That’s where our first entry into the category was going to be,” Bernier said.

“But it was extremely costly to try to sit there and have people remove bones from each one of the back ribs.”

No Frills is the product’s biggest account so far.

And Sobeys recently started carrying Ribbits.

And if you think this might be a low-cal alternative to bone-in ribs, well…

“I’m not sure with barbecue sauce if I would classify this in your nutritional type of category,” Bernier said.

Indeed the website classifies one Ribbit serving as having 240 calories, 15 grams of fat, 520 mg of sodium, 80 mg of cholesterol and 16 grams of protein.

Bur rib lovers have always known they’re not buying exactly health food.

So, for some people, the idea of eating ribs without the hassle of pulling pork or getting your hands dirty might be a welcomed alternative.

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