LaSalle candy shop's Hawesome name (con't)

But Brad Hawes (HAWEsome, get it?), who has owned Yee Hawes Pools & Spas for eight years, decided to go into the candy and restaurant business.

He still owns the thriving pool business.

“My pool company in the summer does very very well but then in the winter there wasn’t any income coming in.

“So I tried to diversify and it was always a dream of mine to have the candy shop.”

There are few shops in the area that advertise themselves as having so much candy.

“I wanted to go retro,” Hawes said.

He’s got retro ice cream – including rare Old Grape flavour – and “other stuff you can’t find anywhere.” 

There’s Pop Rocks, button candy, Big League Chew, Cracker Jacks, famed Pop Shoppe pop, retro Coke bottles – “a lot of stuff that I grew up with as a kid.”

It was fun creating the candy shop – kind of like being a kid in one.

“My kids had a lot of say in it too so we kind of did it together,” he says.

As you might expect, for customers, the shop gets a lot of kids too.

“We get a lot of the JK students and kindergarten right up to grade four, grade five, they walk from the schools and they come for ice cream, it does very well,” Hawes said.

The shop is actually two-in-one.

It not only sells a wide variety of candy but it’s a sit down restaurant.

Hawes installed a new kitchen and serves up charbroiled burgers, gyros, and of course a Hawesome Dog, wrapped in bacon.

There’s also mozzarella sticks in bacon.

Bacon, after all, is good.

And recently the restaurant expanded into breakfast.

Just asking, but how did the pool company, Yee Hawes Pools & Spas, get its name?

“I played hockey my whole life and whenever I scored a hat trick or got in trouble or went to the box the boys on the bench would scream “Yee Haw” and it just kind of stuck.”


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