Mancini family takes back Erie Street's Italia Bakery (con't)

The bakery’s front shop, over the past two years, had been operated by Josie Savoni, but it closed “unexpectedly,” said new owner Tess Mancini, who had been operating the wholesale back shop all along.

The bakery dates when Mancini's grandparents operated it but Mancini says her parents “got out of the business in 2016,” and had “sold part of the company.”

Since Savoni’s departure “we kind of came back into it and brought back the original staff, original recipes,” Mancini said.

There’s a temporary sign on the storefront announcing the slightly altered name.

Mancini has hired the original staff back.

“Maria’a back at the cash, Rina’s behind the deli, we’ve got the same girls working in the kitchen making all the cakes and pastries, all that good stuff,” she said.

Mancini said customers were alarmed by the closing.

“We were flooded with phone calls from customers - a lot of customers who have been around for 40 years, in and around the street - and wondering what would happen, if we would be back, what we were doing,” Mancini said.

“So we assured the customers that we were going to give the store a bit of a facelift and be back in full swing as soon as possible.

“Fortunately we were able to accomplish that in six days.”

Mancini, who’s also president of the Erie Street BIA and whose family owns Erie Billiards and which has been intimately connected with the street in various businesses over the decades, said she “grew up in” the bakery.

“I was in here from when I was eight years old, working behind the cash and cleaning dishes, all that kind of good stuff.”

Mancini added “it’s sort of nice for our family to back on the street.”

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