Windsor is one of two cities hosting new format discount grocery (con't)

BOX, as well as the popular deep discount No Frills chain, are both banners within the Loblaw empire.

So why Windsor?

It might have to do with No Frills already being a hit with shoppers in this area.

“We identified Windsor as a great market and more specifically this location as a great location for this new version of our popular and proven No Frills discount model,” Hunter said.

While the discount consumer market here dictated the decision BOX offers up a shopping experienced with a twist.

“We saw an opportunity to bring a version of our popular No Frills discount model into small square foot spaces in areas and communities that have a need for a low price grocery store,” said Hunter.

Hunter described BOX as a “new version” of No Frills.

“It offers customers a quick and convenient shopping experience at low prices on fresh food, and grocery items including products from popular brands like “no name” and President’s Choice,” she said.

Why call it BOX?

Hunter said it was chosen “to indicate the shopping experience to our customers.” 

The phrase “By No Fills” is meant to “leverage the equity” of that well-known brand, she said.

BOX is a smaller store compared to No Frills both in square footage and general merchandise mix.

Loblaw is targeting sites with 10,000 sq. ft. for BOX compared to No Frills' average 25,000 sq. ft.

According to a Canadian Press report last June, Sarah Davis, Loblaw's chief financial officer, said BOX is a concept that works well in dense urban areas where the chain can “infill” property in neighbourhoods.

That's what took place in Windsor.

The store here is at 3975 Wyandotte Street East in the former Hollywood Bingo building, surrounded by densely packed neighbourhoods including apartment buildings

But, said Hunter, the store still “reflects our commitment to keeping prices low.” 

Loblaw also operates banners such as Zehrs and the Real Canadian Superstore.

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