Foods and weight limits for American imports (con't) 

Well, quite a bit.

Government guidelines available on the CBSA website allow Canadians to bring back a wide assortment of fresh and packaged goods but there are weight limits, though nothing low enough to give the average consumer much concern.

If sweet tooth is your thing you can bring up to 20 kilograms of baked foods, candies and chocolates.

Dairy products are popular with Canadians and CBSA says up to 20 kilograms of milk, cheese, yogurt and butter can be brought back with no problem.

Fish and seafood – again 20 kilograms seems to be the magic number.

For frozen and canned fruits and vegetables you’re allowed up to 15 packages or 15 cans but a limit of 250 kilograms.

Canadians might be familiar with being told by U.S. Customs they can’t bring fresh fruit stateside and if you don’t declare it you can be fined.

 Not so for importing into Canada.

You’re allowed 15 packages up to 250 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Except, that is, potatoes.

In that case one bag up to four kilograms of U.S. Number 1 potatoes are allowed and must be commercially packaged.

The produce must be free of soil, pests, leaves, branches and other plant debris but you probably knew that, right?

Fresh or frozen meat and poultry?

Up to 20 kilograms is allowed, one turkey per person – well, you only wanted it for Thanksgiving or Christmas anyway, right?

As for meat and poultry products – such as sausages and deli meats - up to 20 kilograms and proof of country of origin may be required.

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