Longer season, reduced hours (con't)

He said that by reducing the Saturday hours the hope is to “make it a little easier for more people to get involved.”

The market will open June 12 and run every Saturday until Oct. 30.

Last year, the market’s inaugural year at the former Greyhound bus depot, the hours were 8 am until 3 pm.

This year the hours will be 8 am to 1 pm.

Fehrenbach said there were at least 20 vendors selling last year at the market, which opened on July 4 and ran until Thanksgiving weekend.

Sometimes there were as many as 30.

The non-profit market is a venture of the Downtown Residents’ Association.

Fehrenbach said at least half the vendors are farmers.

“If you keep that kind of minimum you can call yourself an official farmers’ market” under Ontario food regulations, he said.

Organizers counted as many as 5000 members of the public who attended over the course of the season.

Among the non-farm vendors were people selling handmade soaps, works of art, even local comic book artists.

There was also live entertainment.

“The music seems to lend a kind of atmosphere to it,” Fehrenbach said.

“Going there is kind of like an event for people.”

The market is also “dramatically” reducing vendor rents.

“Last year we weren’t sure what the costs were going to be,” Fehrenbach said.

There are various rental packages.

For example, if a vendor rents a covered stall for the season the cost is $25 per week.

If a vendor wants to rent only for one week under the canopy the price is $40, or $30 for an uncovered stall.

Fehrenbach said there’s lots of room for expansion into the adjoining east parking lot, and even possibly on surrounding streets in the future.


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