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LED message sign with a difference for motorists (con't)

The project, which has been around a few years, includes the landscaped pedestrian overpass and occasional sculptures which dot the entranceway into Windsor from the Ambassador Bridge.

The building the screen is on is actually an office or studio and dubbed the Poet’s Blox.

“The idea is that an artist or a poet could use that as a writing space and then could message out to the world to the NAFTA Freeway there, their thoughts,” said Rod Strickland, a professor of fine arts and who is heavily involved in Green Corridor.

Strickland said the project presents art in an alternative way.

“Instead of being in a gallery being in a public space and thinking about your audience, your audience is a driving audience instead of an audience that’s contemplative and stands there and looks at the work,” he said.

“You only have a few seconds to actually pick up what’s on that sign.”

Poolman said the messages aren’t his but ones he’s culled from various sources.

“I choose lines in terms of how their subjects are framed, their phrasing, their possible or suggested meanings,” he said.

“I often choose sentences I find confusing or confounding.

“I’m not sure why I started this list but sort of intuitively knew that I would return to these lines at some point.”

Poolman said he also thought it would be interesting to put a different type of message on what are usually considered civic information screens.

“I was thinking about the information we receive from signage along the highway—road closures, detours, weather warnings, advertising, and wondered how these poems would function as a transitory scroll in this environment.”

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