Langlois heads to university (con't)

Langlois has a bachelor communications degree and a master of fine arts degree, both from U of W.

He will be teaching and developing curriculum in the areas of “civic engagement and community connections.”

The work sounds similar to what Langlois does as research director of Broken City Lab, an artists’ group that examines Windsor as a “post industrial” city, and seeks an arts approach to addressing social issues.

For example, it installed local art on advertising cards in Windsor buses, and has put up slogans on billboards and sides of buildings as a way to draw attention to reimaging the city.

Langlois says that while there is no formal connection between his new job and Broken City Lab – where he will continue to do research – that work “will inform the classes I’m teaching.”

Otherwise, he says, the two are distinct with the university job “more directly connected to existing community initiatives and organizations.”

In a video posted this year by Workforce WindsorEssex called Down the Career Path Langlois says that “one of the hardest things” about working in the arts is the unavailability of full time employment.

“You have to do a number of different things to fill in the gaps.”

Langlois said that “I love teaching and it’s really interesting being an arts administrator but I couldn’t do either one exclusively right now because they’re both kind of part time.”

The new arts council interim director is Lucy Howe, a visual artist who has been teaching at the University of Windsor the last four years and has wide community connections.

Broken City Lab photo

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