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Fresh from the Whisky, now playing Belle River Sunsplash

But it was their performance at the famed Hollywood Whisky a Go Go that gave them a certain cachet and has helped boost their profile.

Before that, the band’s breakthrough came by being the only Canadian group invited to the NAMM showcase.

That “positioned us uniquely as far as reaching out to media and industry professionals,” Rose said.

Rose, as song writer, vocalist and guitarist, started out as a solo act with an endorsement with DaisyRock Guitars, which makes instruments especially for women – who knew?

“Back in the early 2000s, I became DaisyRock's first ever Canadian sponsored artist and have maintained a strong relationship with them,” she says.

Then the group got backing from a couple of instrument manufacturers, a major amplifier and drum company.

The amplifier sponsor, Blackstar, invited them to an even larger tradeshow in Los Angeles, opening the door – literally – to a gig at the famed West Hollywood Whisky.

“We performed as the opening act for the Whisky's famous Ultimate Jam Night where we were literally playing among rock stars,” such as members of Quiet Riot, Pat Benatar, The Sweet and L7, Rose said.

From LA to a major tour.

“Our LA debut acted as the ‘kickoff’ for the first leg of our ‘Canadian Invasion’ tour,” this spring and summer, she says.

These include dates in Chicago, Dayton, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Virginia.

Sound wise, the group describes itself as a combination of “melody-driven” classic rock and “dynamic 90s alternative.”

You might hear elements of Pat Benatar and Alanis Morissette, with hard-hitting drums and guitars and yes, a little Joan Jett.

Besides Rose in the lead, Tyler Randall plays drums and Amber Gorham bass.

The group, surprisingly, has been together only a short time.
Rose released her second solo album Onto the Floor in 2016 (available online).

But she wanted a fuller sound on the road as she had with session musicians.

“I decided it wouldn't do the material justice to simply tour as a solo artist with an acoustic in-hand,” she says.

She recruited Tyler first, and the two toured like a ”White Stripes” duo.

Then Amber, their soundwoman, came on board, and was taught how to play bass.

It wasn’t a stretch, since Gorham is a quick study, having already played 12 instruments.

Their gig at the Whisky was Amber’s third with the group.
Together they’ve created live arrangements of the songs from Rose’s solo work.

The sound’s one thing the content, another.

“I aim to write music that is relatable as well as offer social commentary,” Rose says. “Songwriting is a very cathartic experience.”

And she hopes some of those lyrics will find resonance in listeners, leaving “a sense of hope.”

Meanwhile, singles from Rose’s latest album include Away I Go, Six Feet Under and Empty and backdropped by an award-winning “film noir-inspired” music video trilogy (on YouTube).

The band’s first EP will be recorded this summer.


Photos: Mystery Man Photography

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