Tribute honors Jewish war vets, Mexican diplomat (con't)

“I had never heard his name, most of the people here had never heard his name, and I even have some Mexican friends who had never heard his name,” Jay Katz, executive director of the Windsor Jewish Community Centre, said.

“You know, he saved as many people as Raoul Wallenberg, so it’s really interesting, as happens in war times - so many unsung heroes.”

Next Wednesday the Jewish Community Centre will screen a film about the diplomat, Gilberto Bosques, called Visa al Paraiso (Via to Paradise).

Prior to that the centre will unveil a granite monument to honor more than 300 local Jews who served in various wars dating back to the Spanish American War through the Israeli War of Independence and Vietnam War.

Katz said Alberto Bernal Acero, the Mexican Consul in Leamington - where there are a large number of migrant workers - had told him about the film.

Katz said the idea of presenting the two stories – the memorial for Windsor vets and the film about the little known diplomat - came together, and the event will be attended by numerous community members and dignitaries.

In addition, a photo exhibit in the centre’s art gallery, will show pictures of local Jewish veterans.

“We’ve collected a whole bunch of images from our community of peoples’ grandfathers, great uncles (and) their war experiences" well as photographic images from the Ontario Jewish Archives and the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, Katz said.

The event is open to the public but reservations are required for the film screening by calling 519-973-1772 (221).

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